Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Lesson in Giving

Well, Id like to start this blog post apologizing for not completing my 31 for 21 Challenge. I could give you the plethora of excuses, but honestly we went on an amazing vacation to the Stone Mountain Games in Georgia and then the rest was just life happening as it always does. I would love to blog much more than I do, and I could if I set my mind to it...never mind the kids would either not get help with homework, dinner made, baths or my husband ignored after said kids were in bed...those things I am not really willing to give up. Not that there arent days I would love to get in my Mommy-van and drive far away from it all, but Im not going to skip those joyous moments to come here and release my innermost terrible thoughts desires of freedom.

All kidding aside, I am just crazy busy. Even now that I do not work outside of the home I feel some days I am just spinning in circles and getting nothing done.

Last week and the kids' school they had a little gift shop for the children to buy gifts for the family. I put money in each envelope, checked off who each should buy gifts for and how to spend the money(which I put they could spend on each person as they wish). The boys both came home with 6 gifts for each person. The Lu came home with a gift for Mommy, a gift for the dog(who wasnt on the list, but whatever) and 3 gifts for herself.

I was so angry. Initially my anger was towards the Lu. But then I located my senses and reminded myself she is still very young and this is her first year doing this. So then I was angry with myself and the school. Me, for obviously failing to teach my child what giving and thinking of other people and the school because there were supposed to be people helping the children, especially the really young kids. I thought for a moment maybe I was just spoiled because the boys get extra help because they are in Life Skills. Not really knowing what to do, I emailed the teacher. She was very sweet in her response and apologized and notified the VP and the PTA and was told that I could return the gifts for exchanges. But what was done was done. I said that Lu would pay for the things she bought herself from her allowance and that I would take her to a small store and have her purchase gifts for the family, but I did appreciate the offer and really just wanted this brought to the attention of people in charge.

Then I decided to work on my end of the issue. I contacted a local organization that helps adults with special needs in several ways. They have a 2nd hand store that their proceeds go to, a day center and homes throughout our community that 3-4 adults with Special Needs live in. In fact, there is one of these homes in our neighborhood, on our street. I emailed to ask if they had any Christmas program or if there was any need for the any people in any of the houses. They have a program to buy gifts for a resident. So we asked for a male and female resident's list and we are buying them gifts for the party in a few weeks! I took Lu and we went and picked gifts out and talked about the importance of helping people. I talked with her how these adults have special needs like her brothers do and that someday someone may be doing the same for them. I do hope that is never a reality for my boys, but if it is, I do hope they are with a great organization. Hopefully our plans for their future will go accordingly, but you can never know what might happen. I think she will understand more when we go to the party.

I asked the director if they had any other needs. They did have a need for a twin mattress and help with the party supplies like plates, cups, napkins etc. I was able to locate a gently used mattress(thank you Facebook) and able to get a great deal on all the supplies for just about $100 at Sam's for 400 people! We are super excited for the party and waiting on a couple more of the gifts to arrive. They also had a need for a walker, which I gladly dropped off the next day!

For those that dont know me personally, I just had my left hip replaced about 6 weeks ago. I had the right one done about a year and a half ago. So, I was none to happy to part ways with the walker.

So in the end, it was a good lesson that we all needed to learn or remember. We have not always been in such a fortunate situation to be able to do these things, so while we are, we do. Who knows what next year holds. I have definitely learned to never take for granted how fortunate we are in this moment and hang on to every minute of it.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season!

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