Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Day 4 It's Just an Extra Chromosome


Really. That is all Down syndrome is. An extra chromosome. Many of us are probably walking around with a missing or extra chromosome here or there, but it doesnt affect us the same way DS affects our kiddos.

In 2000, researchers sat down and coded every gene that is found on the 21st chromosome. Those genes are what parts of the human body that can be affected. It can affect certain physical characteristics, like almond shape eyes, missing or small nasal bone and the ever cute Sandal Toe. It can affect different organs and muscles. Kids with DS have generally have low muscle tone all over. Does this mean they are weak? Heavens no. It takes 6-8 people to hold Kai down to draw blood. He is by no means weak. But when I pick up Kai or Peter, their bodies just melt into mine perfectly. Low muscle tone just attributes to some milestones that may take longer to reach until muscles, like core muscles, are strengthened.  Kids with DS have loose ligaments and joints. What does this do?

Means he can sleep like this

And he can be bundled like this

There are many other things it can affect from cognition and predisposition to certain illnesses. It does not mean your child will get all those illnesses, just a higher chance. Id love to go into it but Ive got to cook dinner for my 4 minions.

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