Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Is Beauty only skin Deep? part 2

A lot of people would answer No.

But if I showed you these same pictures of my children,
could you still say they are beautiful?

Would you even know he has Down syndrome?

Could you say she looks just like her mommy?

Would you know Peter was adopted?

There are many reasons people may find someone beautiful or not beautiful. And a lot of people will tell you it is what is on the inside that makes you beautiful.

Ive seen people with huge smiles and lit up eyes when they see Kai

And then when he turns around or lifts his face, I see that fleeting look of 'pity' or 'that's so sad'

I think all of my children are beautiful. 
And yes, initially it is based on all of their cuteness and beautiful features.
I also know that they are beautiful on the inside too.

I just never really really thought about that until these past 2 weeks

When was the last time you thought about it? You look at their loving, smiling faces and think how cute they are and how pretty they are...and I know a lot of us DS parents absolutely know our children are beautiful on the inside. 
But has it ever crossed your mind how devastating it would be if something happened that altered their appearance that would cause people turn their heads away from them as they walk by(as if that doesnt already happen, but we are kind of over that one).

Wouldnt you feel a little sucker punched? 

I know I did...


  1. Oh Julie-- beautiful, beautiful Kai-- I just read somewhere today that in vulnerability there is strength-- I also believe that in vulnerability there is beauty.

  2. Julie, all your children are absolutely adorable. Kai may have some problems with his skin right now, but that will heal and his skin will be fine. How do I know? My baby sister suffered from Stevens Johnson syndrome when she was only two years old. Her skin literally came off in sheets if you made the mistake of touching her. She was in the burn unit of one of the best hospitals in Michigan for more that 2 weeks because that was the only place sterile enough and that had the equipment that could make her comfortable. For weeks after she came home, we weren't allowed to be near her, just in case. I can remember my mom diligently changing bandages and smearing on cream so that her newly growing skin stayed sterile and moisturized. The doctors also had her drinking liquid jello because it is made with collagen (or at least in my childhood it was) and it helped replace the collagen she lost when her skin came off. Today, she has a couple tiny scars on her face that we can't remember if they came from the Stevens Johnsons or from chicken pox. Your little Kai will become the same, absolutely adorable child he was once he heals. Prayers are coming your way and when you are able, give Kai a special hug from his friend in Michigan who knows what he's going through. I can feel your pain having been through it with my baby sister, but I can't ever know his pain. With a mom like you, I know his pain will be far less than it could be, because you are special, just like him :-)

  3. Oh....I could never turn away from my Kai.... NEVER!!!!! <3 you always!