Saturday, December 10, 2011

An update from Julie

Hello, everyone. Guest blogger, Christie here.

Julie and Cam arrived safely in Ukraine, they have had their referral appointment for both boys and have been in "region" where the boys are now for a couple of days. They have met both boys and were smitten.

This is a Facebook update from Julie, just sent 45 minutes ago. To say this is not want she wanted to share is a huge understatement. Please, respect her wishes for privacy right now as they work through this process and focus on bringing Peter home.

"Hi all. Just wanted to update. Due to circumstances beyond our control, Ty is not available for adoption. This was not known until after we visited him and filed the petition. We are still thankfully adopting Peter and have been visiting him twice a day. He has the best smile and infectious laugh, which I have both of on photos and video. I'll try to upload but our Internet has been very spotty. 
We are very saddened about Ty and thankful we had that one short visit with him. At some point down the road we may share details of the story, but right now we are requesting privacy on that matter. Thank you for all your TP that Andrea requested although she could not disclose it was us." 

Now, here is 12 seconds of pure joy. Enjoy, with love from Julie, Cam & Peter

*I've shut off commenting ability, you may leave your love and support on Julie's FB page if you know here there*