Friday, December 23, 2011

Court Date

We received our court date for Monday at 11am! Merry Christmas.

Just Made My Day

So I was reactivating my blog and comments section and I stumbled on a comment that I did not know was there. Shortly after we arrived, I emailed one of our local radio shows, 94.5 The Buzz, and told them I was so glad I had the I<3Radio app on my iPhone because I could still to my beloved morning show, Rod Ryan Show, and still have some semblance of being home. I put in my email that we were in Ukraine adopting.

My mom had told me some of her friends had heard Rod read my email, which got me excited. Then I found this comment. It just goes to show that you never know who's life you might impact or touch just in passing.

It made my day. I would like to share it with you...

Hi Julie! I beleive I was your waitress at Pappadeaux at the beginning of your amazing journey to bring your children home. I was listening to the Rod Ryan show this morning and heard Rod talking about a couple going to the Ukraine to adopt to children with Down Syndrome. Somehow I knew that the couple he was referring to was the same couple that came in to Pappadeaux. I checked out the link you gave to Rod, and sure enough I saw your picture and knew I was correct. When you and your husband came in yall told me your were going to adopt two children and I was in awe then! After hearing Rod tell your story, I was crying. I have several family memeber with special needs due to a genetic disorder. I've always had so much respect and been so awed by their closest family memebers. The dedication, strength, and patience they carry is so awe-inspiring to me. I knew you and your husband were remarkable people when yall were in the restaurant, but I just didn't know HOW remarkable yall truly are! Yall are blessed beyond belief, and I wish the blessing to continue to shower upon you and your family relentlessly! I'm honored to have met two people so selfless and giving. Have a wonderful trip back home! Good luck! :)

Just wanted to share! I hope she comes back and sees this blog post. I cant for the life of me remember her name...might have had something to do with my nerves that day and the beverage I consumed. This was at the Pappadeaux's in the airport before our 1st flight.

I just want to tell her Thank You. This journey we are on has gotten very wild and at times a little hairy since we have been here.

Note on Blogging

Ive reopened our family blog. I will not be reopening or adding anyone to the adoption blog, as I will not be using it anymore. All updates and further blogging will happen on our family blog page, where it should.

I also will have limited posts while in country completing the adoption process. I will update daily of FB with pics if I have any.

Thanks for your understanding.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

An update from Julie

Hello, everyone. Guest blogger, Christie here.

Julie and Cam arrived safely in Ukraine, they have had their referral appointment for both boys and have been in "region" where the boys are now for a couple of days. They have met both boys and were smitten.

This is a Facebook update from Julie, just sent 45 minutes ago. To say this is not want she wanted to share is a huge understatement. Please, respect her wishes for privacy right now as they work through this process and focus on bringing Peter home.

"Hi all. Just wanted to update. Due to circumstances beyond our control, Ty is not available for adoption. This was not known until after we visited him and filed the petition. We are still thankfully adopting Peter and have been visiting him twice a day. He has the best smile and infectious laugh, which I have both of on photos and video. I'll try to upload but our Internet has been very spotty. 
We are very saddened about Ty and thankful we had that one short visit with him. At some point down the road we may share details of the story, but right now we are requesting privacy on that matter. Thank you for all your TP that Andrea requested although she could not disclose it was us." 

Now, here is 12 seconds of pure joy. Enjoy, with love from Julie, Cam & Peter

*I've shut off commenting ability, you may leave your love and support on Julie's FB page if you know here there*