Wednesday, July 6, 2011

And the Winner is...

Please click on our Adoption blog in the tabs above or here to find out the winner of our Laptop GiveAway!

Thanks everyone for donating!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Freedom Weekend Giveaway! Let's get Peter his Independence!

First, thank you everyone who donated and who reposted or blogged and those of you that did both! We need just $783.00 more to fill Peter's grant to $20,000!

Edited to add we have reached our goal of $20,000 today! We will continue to raise money and the left over money will go to another RR child's grant.

Now lets celebrate Independence Day by bringing our son home! This will be his last 4th of July spent surrounded by 4 walls and never a glimpse of any celebrations.

For the final 3 days of our Dell laptop Giveaway, Im going to up the ante and make the donations count a little more for you guys.

A $10 donation = 1 entry

$15 donation = 2 entries

$25 donation = 5 entries

$40 donation = 8 entries

$50 donation = 12 entries

And for every social media or blog you repost this blog entry to, you get an additional entry

Here is what you do:

Click on the Donate button in the column to the right(under Peter's Clock)near the top OR click on the picture of Peter right below that. These will allow you to donate through PayPal and will be Tax Deductible.

After you donate, you come back to THIS post and down in the Comments section, you will leave me your name and how many entries you have(including freebie entries from reposting). I need a first and last name or an email address so that I can find you in the event your name is drawn.

The fundraiser will run until July 5th, 2011. will choose the recipient of the laptop and it will be posted here on July 6th and then the laptop will be sent to the lucky person. I have already purchased the laptop and it is in my possession in original packaging(I felt safer with it on my actual person)

Here is a link to the post with the specs of the Dell laptop:

What is it for?

To raise the rest of the money needed to bring Peter home. Peter is 4 years old. He has lived his entire life in an orphanage in Eastern Europe. He was not wanted at birth because he has Down syndrome. Peter also has a heart defect that is at a critical stage and needs to be repaired ASAP. He has had some procedures done to hold him over until we get him home and to Texas Children's Hospital where they will be able to repair his heart.

Your $10, an amount you probably spend at the drive thru or by throwing an extra item or two in your grocery cart that you just had to have, like ice cream, may not seem like it will make a big impact here, but I personally witnessed the first $15,000 of Peter's grant raised on nothing more than asking for $10 donations, and it was done in 10 days. We dont need much more for Peter's grant to be full, so we will take what we can get. We know times are tough, believe me, we know. So if you really just cant part with $10(I have been there too), then please take a moment and repost this on FB or Twitter or Blog about it. You just never know who it might end up in front of.

Here is our link to Our Family Sponsorship page on Reece's Rainbow where you can read our story: