Saturday, June 4, 2011

Changes are a comin'

Hi all

Just wanted to drop in and give a little ketchup!

We(and by we, envision me twisting Daddy's arm up and behind his back)have decided to put Kai in Mother's Day Out. Now I know this sounds silly since one of us is always home with the kids, and maybe even cruel to ship our child off to 'day care' when we are home and able to entertain him/them.
After much debate on whether we should try private Speech therapy or not, someone suggested to me that we put him in day care part time for socialization skills and it might just help with his Speech. I thought that was a fine idea and set out looking for the perfect place.
I looked high and low and juggled prices and times, etc and decided that Mother's Day Out would be the best.
A couple of reasons: A) Its Mon-Wed-Fri from 830-1130am, its only $152 a month(instead of a week like most daycares, whether they go full time or part time), and sick kids arent allowed. I like the last one the best. Now before you go and tell me that people still bring their sick kids, yadda yadda, Im aware of that, but because its Mother's Day Out and not utilized so much for parents that are working as it is for parent's that just need to go grocery shopping or, oh I dont know, take a shower uninterupted and maybe shave a leg or the likelyhood of sneaking a sick kid in should be less.
I think it will be a good 15 hours and a well spent $150/month for our son. I think it will do good for him to play with other children and play with toys instead of tossing them all over the place. Its just good for him to be with his peers. I think and hope it will also have an effect on his speech as well. Its also a good segue into PreSchool that he will be starting in November.

That will also free up some one on one time for Lilah and I. According to the 'pediatrician' (one who was filling in for one of ours)Lilah is behind in her speech and when we go back in July for her 15 month check up, we will revisit that problem if it still exists. I think she needs to shove a sock in it. She babbles and screeches and likes to read books with mommy. Im sure as heck not going to worry if at 15 mos she doesnt say 'Mother Dear, Id like to have my chocolate milk now.' Pshaw. Now, had I brought her in and been fretting about delayed speech at 13 months of age, I would have been Tsk'd Tsk'd. Either way, Im not going to worry.

We have a few other exciting things going on in our lives right now too, but I have decided to wait until those things are full in motion before mentioning them aloud.

Hope everyone has a great day :)


  1. I hope Kai enjoys his time as an independent man! Can't wait to hear about his progress! :)

  2. I'm sure Kai will love his time at daycare. Claire goes 3-4 days a week while I'm at work and she LOVES it. She loves the kids, the staff, all the activities and I KNOW the other kids are a huge motivator for her.