Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Donation Box is Back!

Finally! There was a problem a couple of weeks ago on the RR website and the system was jammed with all the donations pouring in and we had to remove our donation boxes, but they are now fixed!

So now it is back on this blog and my other, so donating should be much easier!

Anyone want to try it out???

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lilah Turns One

My baby girl has already turned One. How did that happen? It seems just like yesterday I had her at home a few days old, keeping me up all hours of the night and now she is a year old and driving me batty all hours of the day. In her defense, she has about 5 teeth coming in...molars and such.

So we had the small(or so I tried)party at the house...Im getting better at crowd control and kept my promise not to stress over the party and I vowed to be in some of the pictures. I was not in a single picture of Kai's first birthday and I was a crazy ball of stress the whole time. No wonder Lilah is wound so tight.

Elmo was our theme. Lilah loves Elmo. Lilah does NOT love Elmo being disemboweled and candy falling out of his rump with legs hanging askew...good thing the pinata was the pull string type and not the hit it with a bat type. Im sure that would have been more traumatic than it already was.

We had an Elmo cake. Lilah had a cake of her own. And boy did she HAVE it. She may grow up to be a massage therapist. The cake received a nice 10 minute massage, where most of it ended up in her red tutu, the floor and various other strategically placed orifices that only a one year old could find on such short notice. She finally took the plunge and began shoveling the cake into her mouth and actually eating some of it.

The day would not be complete without the opening of presents. Luckily there were several other toddlers there to assist with that. I tried reading the cards, but after we got the same one 3 times, it felt a little silly...not to mention, Lilah isnt a fan of sitting and reading. So the cards are sitting on the end table waiting for me to go through them. I remember lots and lots of clothes, and nice chunky puzzle(of which Lilah has gnawed most of the animals heads), and some make noise toys. All toys make noise these days. Trying to find some that do not is virtually impossible. I think its a conspiracy between the toy makers and the battery bunny to keep each other in business.

I do believe there was some eating of burgers and a bath for Lilah and removing balloons from toddlers mouths. I think Kai even got a roundhouse kick to the head at one point. All in all it was a great day. A day to be remembered.

I was a little sad that her 1st year has already come and gone. Then I told myself I would not lament over time gone, but enjoy every day with each of them and the stage they are in(this was of course before the non-stop crying and pant leg hanging began this last week). Which is why I am posting about a birthday party that happened a week ago...from work at 1230 in the morning.

Here are a few pics of the days events

Birthday Girl

Lilah's Tutu


Balloon Herding

Balloons gone Wild

Sporting Lilah's Ride