Monday, March 21, 2011

World Down Syndrome Day 3-21

Why 3-21? Because there are 3 copies of the 21st chromosome! That's why.

Usually today I would blog of FB about all the great things DS means to me and how awesome Kai and how much he has changed our lives, but this year I decided to pose the questions to others. I asked on FB for people to tell me how knowing Kai and our family has changed them or if they have known before having Kai, how he has changed me, from their perspective. I liked it a lot, and loved the answers. So for my blog today, I am going to post all the replies. Call me lazy, but Im working my 3rd night in a row and cant see straight, so this is my feeble attempt.

Also, if you would like to leave a comment here with an answer, that is fine by me as well.

Happy Down Syndrome Day!!

Julie Everett Kehm

So, instead of me telling you what having Kai and DS means to me today, I'd like you to tell me how knowing Kai and our family has impacted you. Or if you knew me prior to Kai, how has it changed me.

Rea W Can I say how much knowing you and Kai has changed my life and the way I view people??

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I hope to see lots of comments when I get up tonight

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Page M Oh wow...not that you were not a wonderful person before, but you have blossomed as mother and advocate for children with Down's Syndrome. You have an unmatched passion for your family and he is the glue! As you have siad so many times yo...u found your calling and your passion. I think Kai and your family have open the eyes of so many people that may have not known much if anything about DS, and shown them what wonderful world it is with them in it. I have never judged a book by its cover, you know that about me. Everyone has a battle they fight whether it is noticable or not. BUt I see Kai accomplishing things way beyound what is thought normal for him.....and you are the driving force for that. So maybe these other mothers can look at you and Kai and see....their are no limits to your child...only the one you impose! Love you guys with all my heart! You have made people see that Kai is just a little boy, like everyone else....his DS is no differnet than having red hair or green eyes. It is part of him and a wonderful part at that!

19 hours ago · Cathy H-T You were one of the first moms I "met" after having Lily who had a prenatal dx. I couldn't believe how strong you were, knowing you were carrying a child with Ds. If you ever had any doubts, you sure didn't let it show. I so admired that...still do! Have a beautiful World Ds Day and give Kai a hug from Lily and me!!

19 hours ago ·Cathie A-T You have always seemed to embrace Kai (and the dx)!

19 hours ago · Anna B-T Dear Julie, you guys have have helped me see that we are not alone in this world. That we are all more alike than different. Oh and that I am thinking of Kai as a future husband for Ellie :-P

19 hours ago · Teresa P Julie, you're a true inspiration to any mother. Your strength and will power to provide Kai with the best of th best and active approach to make the world better speaks volumes of your character. Even though we have never met in person... You have changed and created a new look on DS for me ♥

19 hours ago · Christie Taylor well since he has been born I've gotten the new best friend , a sister , a shoulder, someone willing to walk a mile with me, a momma bear whose always got my back. and the best part is I got all of those even though we have never met face to face I love you julie

19 hours ago · Jo M MY dh & I decided to NOT have any tests done while pregnant with Joseph. No matter what the out come we loved or baby for whom ever he is and wil grow to be. Joseph is normal and could not imagine feeling any differant about him.....although he is currently stuck under a glass table & cant figure out why he can't stand up. Lol!

18 hours ago · Elissa F-L Wonderful idea. Can I steal it? I don't "know" you guys, but I have loved following your adoption journey and seeing what a wonderful family you are.

18 hours ago · Kristin M I would have never met you if hadn't been for Kai having DS! And I am so glad we met : )

18 hours ago · Cameron Kehm Before Kai: Julie didnt like me very much, she worked all the time and we never spoke. After Kai: Julie didnt like me very much, she workes all the time but now we speak! She asks me stuff like ... Really??? WTF???? and OMG???? Because of Kai I now have a dialog with my wife, even if its one sided!!! LOL LOL Being Seroius: I watched the woman I love turn into a mother and wife I respect and become stronger than I think even she ever thought she could become. I love you and our chrildren with all my heart!

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Stacey L What's so nice is watching how u have changed so much over the years. You went from not wanting any children at 18 to be a great mom that has taught me so much about endless love for her family. U are a great mother and a wonderful person. I never knew so much about ds until u taught me. Peter will be so lucky to have u for a mother!!

18 hours ago · Carey M-D Changed me? Saved me is more like it! I thank God for you every single day!

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Danielle A Seeing how strong you and your Family are, Makes me want to be a better person/mother/wife! Forever greatful to know you and all your wisdom you bring to everyone. Your Family is absolutely Wonderful, and Kai has everyones Heart. ♥

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Jennifer P Julie, I've never met anyone like you. How lucky Kai and Lilah are to have you as a parent. No matter WHAT the issue, you are a crusader for them AND any other children that might be affected. Yes, DS is the big leader when it comes to y...our passion and fight, but you will do this for anything. Defective toys don't stand a chance staying on the market. Websites run by ignorant minds will change their way of thinking. Mothers & fathers who feel scared or unprepared walk away from you with STRENGTH, PASSION and overwhelming love and acceptance. Knowing you, I have learned SO much about DS, and I have honestly never met or known anyone with DS. I never had the chance to know how I would have reacted or what I would have assumed about any person I would have met with DS. And now, I am fortunate enough to have met you and have learned to open my mind up more about not only DS but in many different types of life's situations and experiences. Sorry so long. ♥ xoxo

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