Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Secret Society

Originally posted on FB on December 8, 2010

We were in Target today with Kai and Lilah and as we were heading to the checkout a buggy zoomed by me and the little girl in the seat had DS. I felt that instant joy and kinship we all feel when this happens. My husband was 50 feet in front of me with Kai in his basket, my calls to him unheard. Finally I shouted and he heard me. I rolled Lilah up next to him and told him, 'look look look, that little girl has DS!' We turned around and I saw something that absolutely made my day...there must have been 8-10 buggies FULL of kids, a couple in each basket and several women rounding them up, and as I looked from face to face, I saw beautiful almond shaped eyes on every single child. I felt like I hit some sort of jackpot or lottery. My husband and I looked at each other, grinning like we were crazy and kept turning and looking...almost ogling.One woman noticed us looking, and we just smiled and started to walk away. We didnt want to appear to be gawking. The excitement got the better of my husband and he busted a U-ie and we went right up to them and started talking to the lady who noticed us. We asked if they were a school or nursery? Yes, they were a daycare for children with Special Needs. About that time, Kai spun around in his basket, flashed his sparkly blues and his silly grin, letting them in on the 'secret' ~ that we were part of their club too. All the ladies faces melted instantly and they all wanted to touch him and know his age and name...They gave us the name of the school and another teacher looked at me and Lilah and said, we also accept typical children as well, with a knowing smile.We cant remember the name of the school, but we are moving next week anyway. But I have to say that it uplifted my spirits and lightened my heart in a way I cant even explain...all those beautiful children right in front of me when earlier that morning I was so sad about Millie. It just felt right.

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  1. Can't find the right words. Anyone... Good job... Inspiring... Educational..... So many seem to fit. Love the blog.