Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blogging for AJ!

Many of you tell me I was your 'first' or I helped you in the beginning. Well, Christie was the one that helped me. I know you ALL know her...everyone does. She needs us. Her son needs us.

AJ is already in an institution. His mommy, my BFF, is working desperately to save him and get him out of there...every day is a day lost for AJ and all his skills and knowledge he has learned. It is likely that his days are now much more bleak than we ever thought the baby houses, or orphanages were.

Please help Christie and her family bring AJ home. Christie brought Peter to us and we are now trying to help bring AJ home to her. Christie and I were deeply connected by our two boys long ago on a little site called BBC and our friendship has flourished since then. It has mostly been Christie helping me through those tough days in the beginning when I didnt understand why working with Kai for 2 months straight on sitting yielded absolutely NO results and I declared my hatred for Down syndrome...Christie gently in only the way Christie can, told me...You know how much therapy I do with Joseph a week? NONE. I play with him. I play with all my kids. Wha?? I was stunned. You mean to tell me you dont spend 40 hours a week propping him over a drum to make him sit? LOL...So the ME in me let go a little, OK, a LOT, and I did what this crazy woman from Kokomo that I had never met told me to do.


In a month he crawled. Another whatever he sat...out of order, of course! But it all went well from there. Weve had a few bumps, like food textures, but eh, we will get over them. Christie taught me how to let go of the anger and see my son as he was...a little boy. And once I did, my fire was lit. And will stay lit for my kids and for hers. The momma bear in me would come out just as strong for one of her boys as it does for my kiddos...so I will help her raise money to get her son home. If we didnt know each other I would not have found Peter and who knows how long it could have taken her to find Alexander in her plight to find someone for Peter?

Please please...if you are here to donate to my journey to bring Peter home, I ask you to give the money to AJ. AJ is in dire need to get home. Peter is too, but much of his grant is raised already, so please take your money to him. If you feel strongly about it, give most to AJ and the rest to Peter...give enough to at least qualify for the great giveaway of the iPad that Christie is sponsoring! Just click HERE and go see for yourself! Alexander needs to come home now!

This is the last picture of AJ before he was sent to the Adult Mental Institution...I hope that smile is still there.


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  1. I thurst my heart to think of that precious little guy in an institution. Praying that he is able to come home soon.