Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Proud Mommy Moment

There comes a time in every parent's 'parental life' that they have a Proud Moment. Well, I hope they all do. Ive had a lot. Most of those are proud moments over something my children have done, but Ive had my very own Moment.

A lot of you already know about it but I want to blog it anyway, mostly becuase this blog is for my kids to come back and read someday. You know, when Im in the home telling them to get off my imaginary flowers and treating them like staff...I want them to remember and know that not only was their mommy beautiful, intelligent and a killer sense of humor, I apparently want them to know that I am full of sh...hey! This is my story, I'll tell it how I want. No, but I want them to know that I was more than the lady that made them eat their peas, do their homework, grounded them...all the things I cant wait for in the coming years. I want them to know that I always have their best interest at heart.

And I want them to know that that meant I would take on a large company that made baby/infant stuff, for lack of a better word. Because they make everything from diaper warmers, to bottle brush cleaners to bathtub toys. Which brings me to my story. Bathtub toys.

Kai LOVES the water and he LOVES bathtime. We found the best bathtub toy EVER. I was a little yellow submarine, not to be confused with The Beatles or a Subway sandwich, but an undersea vessel. It had a tiny propellor and a happy smiley face and it zoomed across the bathtub. We had just purchased our 2nd and 3rd one because the first one pooped out on us and we wanted to make sure we had them on hand. One night Kai was in playing with the sub while Daddy was with him at bathtime. I heard the bloodcurdling screams from the kitchen and new it was serious. I ran towards the bathroom, Daddy is running out with Kai wrapped in a towel. Of course Im thinking the worst. Luckily it wasnt terrible, but it was enough for Mommy to put on her Mommy pants.

There is a small intake fan on the bottom of the sub. Its covered, but there are still small slits in the bottom. The intake fan sucks the water up and shoots it out the back, which is what makes it zoom all over the tub. Kai was playing with the toy and pushed it down into his lap. The intake fan uptook something other than water and lacerated 'the boys'. It was more superficial and I doctored it with Bacitracin for a couple of days.

In the meantime I got on FB and BBC and warned as many mommies as I could about the Debil's Toy. Someone told me about the CPSC, Consumer Product Safety Commission. I have a hard time saying all that. But I got on their website and filed a formal complaint. I didnt think I would hear back from them. I figured it was one of those pacifying type things. I got a confirmation email and then a confirmation letter in the mail with a copy of the report. It stated due to high volumes of complaints, yadda yadda...I probably wouldnt hear back. They only call on the worst, I suppose.

Much to my surprise, about 2 weeks later I got a call...from the CPSC. They wanted to make an appointment to come to our home and do an interview and take the toy if we still had it. We sure did! I had 2 of them and I even had the packaging, which BTW claimed it was safe for little hands(it didnt say anything about 'the boys')and showed the intake valve. We made the appointment and they came out. It wasnt too gruelling. I did have pictures but my computer chose to crash the day before and I lost my whole hard drive. Go me. They talked to us, collected the toy and the packaging. We were told that they would purchase a new one as well and have their engineers(wonder what kind of engineering degree that is? Crappy Toy Testing Engineering?)test the one we had and the new one. If there was a recall, it would just be listed on their site, we wouldnt get a special call or anything.

I checked for a couple of months and figured nothing ever came of it. One day I got a LOAD of messages on FB and BBC. Everyone was telling me that the smiley little sub had been recalled! Whoot! Wow! Really? I did that? Seriously?


And then it made the Forbes Top 10 List of Most Dangerous Toys of 2010. Turns out they were able to locate 19 other cases of lacerations of other boys and 'their boys' and the toy was recalled.

Bathtub Toys Recalled by Munchkin Due to Risk of Injury

And here is the Yahoo article about the Forbes list:

And here is the guileful little fellow

What did I learn from this? I learned that being a mommy is WAY more than feeding, clothing and playing and all the day to day activities, but its also advocating. Had I not had Kai and his extra chromosome, I may not have went as far as I did with this. I have had to learn to advocate for him. He has helped me find my voice. He has taught me to put aside my own fears and do whatever it is I have to do for my children and do it without shame or caring what other people think. And I did just that.

The second thing I learned was that sometimes the system works. It was a good feeling. Just because you think it might be a waste and no one will notice, do it anyway. You never know who is watching. You never know when your one small stone in the pond will cause the tidal wave.

You will never know if you dont try.

Those are words to live by.

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  1. Boy, I'd hate to be on the receiving end of your momma bear. I'm glad the recall happened, even one injured child is too many.
    The world's a better place with you championing the way!