Friday, February 11, 2011

Peter(16) A boy, not a number

He will always be an alias and a number until he comes home to his Forever Family, which has stepped forward. If they do not rescue him in time he will be sent to an adult mental institution at the age of 5. He will be 4 years old on February 20th.

He has a heart defect that can be easily be fixed here in the US. He has a Family that has stepped forward. He just needs his grant of $20000 filled. In just 10 short days, $14000K has been raised to save Peter. Please, just $5 is all we are asking to send him to his forever family.
This is a BBC mommy. They have 2 others already but feel Peter will complete their family.

If you cannot donate even $1, we dont care, just send it to someone that may. Peter has a heart condition that needs to be fixed and he needs to get to the US ASAP.

Here is the site you can donate to on Reece's Rainbow:

If you are weak at heart, I suggest you dont go beyond Peter's page to look at other children's pages. There are so many. Most are international. These grants you donate to relieve the families that are stateside and are bringing these babies home!


  1. I did go and saw the other children, my heart was breaking every time a saw another child needing a home.

  2. My heart cries for these little guys and gals...God, help us find a way to get these precious children a forever family and the means.

  3. I just read his new page! Wooooo! But it says there is no money towards his adoption. do we have to start over fundraising?
    Let me know!