Monday, February 21, 2011

A Note on Peter's Grant

Many of you know that Peter had a massive fundraiser for his grant and a little over $15,000 was raised in about a week. Peter still has that money in his grant, but our Family Sponsor Page starts over at $0, because that is our Family Fund raised. The funds are kept separate in case something happens an adoptive family is unable to proceed forward, that way the child keeps all the funds that was originally in their grant for the next family.
So Peter still has his $15K and we still need $5K to get him home! So, please spread the word.


  1. Hi Julie and Cam,

    I am Patti's mom, Lily's grammi, and I just made a donation for your part of the fund to bring Peter home. I have donated in the past to Peter's fund on RR and want so much to help you bring him home. God bless your family for opening your hearts and home to one of God's treasures. We are all His treasures, I know.

    PS I think Peter and Cam could pass as bio father and son. I can't wait to read more of your blog.

    Hugs, Faith

  2. Hi! I've been dying to know who is adopting Peter - congratulations! I adopted Darya from his orphanage in October. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions! mefick at gmail dot come

  3. I have been following Peter's story and praying for this, like so many others did. Holy God, thank You. I am crying whenever I am reading about him. WIll continue to pray for him and your family.
    Cannot wait until he is home..

  4. Hi my name is april. I follow Patti's blog and have been praying for this little sweetie peter for some time now. So happy to see you all are going to be his family forever. I hope follow your blog and raise more awareness for you precious boy.