Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kai's Doctor Appointment

We had to take Bear to the Dr today. He wasnt really bouncing back from his tonsilectomy very well and we were having a difficult time getting him to eat or drink anything. After almost a whole day with no wet diaper, we decided it was time to take him in to make sure he was OK.

We went and the Pedi said he had until 4PM today to drink some fluids and pee. He had also lost 3lbs in one week :( I knew he felt a lot lighter. But he had woken up a little happier this morning and was drinking some water, so there was hope. When we got home from the Drs appt, he had some water and a WET diaper! YAY!

He has taken a few more fluids here and there and eaten a little bit today. Daddy just reported to me(Im at work)that he was giving him chocolate milk right now and that he had had a second wet diaper. Yay for Pee Pee, LOL.

In the future I will really sit and think about having a procedure like this one done. Kai has never had tonsilitis or really been sick that much, so Im not sure why we were removing them. I have used this Dr several times and I think I let myself slip into a comfortable area and let him take the reigns. Hindsight, I would NOT have had the tonsils removed, there was no need. Ear tubes, yes...so that is my mommy lesson of the week. We cant ever let our guard down when it comes to any of our children. Always ask why and demand answers, especially if you dont really know why something is being done.

That's my quick blurb for the day. I need to blog from home so I can add in so pictures, but I cant seem to get more than one day off in a row!

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  1. Julie, don't ever second guess yourself. The removal of the tonsils can help with airflow, especially when our kids are conjested or do have a throat infection. As rough as it was for him and you, younger kids bounce back so much better than older ones. Not to mention it is so much easier on us moms to take care of them when we can put them where we need them and not have to chase them around when they are suppose to be resting, and taking it easy. Sometimes they don't realize how they feel, they just want to play. You are doing a great job. I love your blog. I just found it today on facebook DSAH group for Pearland. Can't wait to help with the family fundraiser on your new adventure.