Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ear Tubes and Tonsils 2-15-11

Boy....what a day. Although its a 'simple' surgery and quick, it still takes its toll on you as a parent. It never ever gets easier when they take your child out of your arms and walk back with him to the OR. Tears always spring into my eyes, especially when he goes so trustingly with them. I try to tell him in the days before up to the day and that morning what is going on, but I dont know if he understands me yet. Im pretty sure he doesnt, not that anyway. So I always feel the guilt of sending him off feeling fine and waking up in a confused daze and in pain.

This time was pretty bad. He actually had to be intubated to have his tonsils out, who'da thought? He was so upset and out of it when he woke up, it broke my heart.

We were ushered into the PACU and there he was, in the same bed spot he was the first time he had his ear tubes put in, at 6 months old. Only this time I didnt have all the confusion as to why they kept directing me to the bed where an elderly woman was holding a baby, LOL. I now know they are PCAs that hold them when they wake up til you get there. That poor girl...LOL. Im sure she has seen it a thousand times because she handed him off beautifully as I charged full steam ahead bypassing the nurses and the Dr to get to my crying boy. I mustve had a crazed look though, because her eyes were awful big as she did the hand off, back away maneuver. Eh, what can I say. He's my baby.

So we sat with him for an hour and a half or so until there was a room for us since this time we would have the joy of staying the night in the hospital. During that time we witnessed the moment Kai came out from under the anesthesia and became lucid. It was odd but very cool to watch. His eyes went from kind of a hazy blue and not real focused on anything to a crystal blue and he was staring straight into my eyes and knew it was Mommy. He finally calmed down.

The night was rough. Lots of being woke up for vitals, to make him drink, pain meds...I was up all night, which was fine. Luckily by some miracle, he ate all his breakfast and drank 9 oz of water...he hadnt eaten more than 3 spoons of food all day or night.

It has been 5 days since his surgery and we are still struggling with feeding and fluids. I finally got more fluids into him today, but not much food. I hope this passes soon. I dont like it and I dont like seeing my Bear out of sorts and sad and crying. The pain medicine works great, but makes him loopy and he staggers all over the house. Im still not 100% sure why they took them out. He has never had tonsilitis except for the week before surgery and they were a little swollen that day at the ENT. If I could do it all over again I dont know that I would have them removed. This long, painful recovery for removing something that didnt seem to really bother him seems silly. Im usually more on the ball and ask more questions, but I dropped the mommy ball this time. I didnt ask why they were removing them and I should have done so.

But tomorrow is another day, so lets hope its a good one. I hope so, because I work and Daddy will be home with him!

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  1. Aww! Poor little guy! I hope he is feelen better soon. :-( It is so sad for us when they are in pain. I think tonsils are removed way too easily these days. I hope they have a very good reason.