Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Speech Therapy

Today was our first day of Speech therapy since we moved back to Texas. It is so nice to have them coming back into the home instead of driving 75 miles to therapy. Kai's speech is one of my major concerns. Mostly because he has none, and no other way to communicate. We are working on signing to start with because once he has the ability to mimic signing he will develop the ability to mimic sounds.

I hate that he is so far behind the ball on this. I am certain it is because of all upheaval and moving across the country and then back in an 8 month time period and during those 8 months circumstances were less than stellar. They were not conducive to any of his development, but I should have tried harder. It's just that sometimes you are stuck in your own place in life and cant move forward and unfortunately that affects those all around you. Since coming home he has blossomed, so I do feel better about that. He went from barely walking to walking all the time and from NO sounds to now babbling, etc. So it gives me hope.

And I know it isnt just mommy guilt. His evaluations in May and July of last year put him at about 14 months in Speech. He is now at 12 months. But I cant dwell on the past and I cant fix what has already happened. I can only move forward and make sure we do what needs to be done for him.

We are going to try some new things with Kai. We are going to find some things that are motivators for him. We will use those for him to focus on and we will show him the sign for it three times and then let him have it to play with for a few minutes. Then we repeat. Eventually we will do hand over hand with him before he gets the object.
Another thing we will try is a pictures. I am going to take pictures of his motivators(ie favorite toys)and we will show him the picture for it and when he reaches for it, he can have the item. Its a way to teach association of pictures of objects to actual objects. Then we will incorporate some signing into that as well.

Hopefully some of these things will begin to make a breakthrough with him. Its so hard to see him so frustrated because he cannot communicate with us, it breaks my heart. I cant imagine being trapped in my head like that. So, I better go get started on taking those pictures!

That Is All.

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