Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Peeking into the Past

I have wanted to do this blog for a long time. Ive started it several times and just never kept up with it. I realized I have been pseudo-blogging on other social networking sites and decided that it was time for me to put on my blogging panties and start this project.

My intent for blogging is multi-dimensional. First, I really like to ramble on and on about how proud I am of Bear and all that he has overcome and all those he has touched in such a short period of time. Second, I would like to let people have a peek into our lives, specifically the life of a child with Down syndrome, to see that it's not bad or scary. In fact, it's much like any other family. We have most of the same ingredients, some a little different, but in the end we are all the same plate of cookies. Some are nutty. Im glad we are nutty. Third, I want this to be a memory-keeper for me and in the future, my children, of our whole family and our ups and downs and ins and outs.

Because I procrastinated a little(OK OK, A LOT...2 years...)I am going to be sprinkling in posts to fill in the blanks of the first 2 years. Some of them will be my mini-bloggings that I have littered FB and BBC with and some will be new entries pulled from memories. I really think those 2 years are so very important. I know I am definately not the same person now that I was then. I used to be pretty shy and quiet, not one to rock the boat. I have always been searching for that thing. You know, that THING...the thing that when you talk about it you get all loud and talk a hundred miles an hour, jumping on one leg, waving an arm, because you want everyone to know about it. You want everyone to experience it. You want everyone to love it. It's called Passion. I found my passion when I had my son. I didnt know it at first. It was a progression. So I do want to share our past with you while keeping you up to date in the present.

So, to be able to tell the difference between then and now, I will post those in a different color. We will do purple...because it's Kai's favorite color. Anything you see in this color is about the past. We will do a sample exercise for those of you that are visual or speed readers and only read every 3rd word.

November 12th, 2008 making his debut at 1315 and weighing in at

7lbs7oz and 19 in long, We are proud to present to you Kai Christian:

That Is All.

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