Monday, January 31, 2011

Im still amazed at how our LOs touch others lives...(5/19/09)

Originally posted on BabyCenter on 5/19/09

We went to a friends mothers house last night to visit a bible group that had been praying for Kai when he was born(b/c of his heart)to grow and grow and then through his heart surgery. It was really great to see all these people whos lives he touched without them ever meeting him! And I got to eat a whole meal uninterrupted while they passed him around!

But in particular they had told us about a 5 year old little boy named Dylan. Every night when Dylan went to bed he would say his prayers and at the end would ask God to watch over and protect several people. Well his mom said the list became unbearably long and was taking like 5 minutes. She told him that he could just say all of his family and friends and be done. So the next night he would say his prayer, 'Now I lay me down to sleep...' and at the end asked God to protect and watch over all of his friends and family, and then quickly snuck in 'And Baby Kai.' He insisted that he HAD to say Baby Kai. So for the past 5 mos, this is how little Dylan has said his prayers. It touched and moved me so deeply that a 5 year old little boy would be able to think of others like that, especially another child he had never met.

I was so excited for everyone to meet Kai last nite, but especially Dylan. When we got there we walked around to the backyard and greeted everyone(mustve been 20-30 people there). And someone says, 'Dylan, do you know who that is?' He screams, 'BABY KAI!' He then runs over to be the first one to hug and kiss my little man! It is the single most touching thing I have ever seen a child do. It brought tears to my eyes and is now as I type this. It amazes me that a 5 YO has the capacity to love and care for others in that way. It also gives me hope that Kai will be accepted by other children as he grows up.


  1. sweet story! isn't it great to see how accepting kids are!

  2. HI Julie

    I just found your blog and love seeing that you are all doing well. I haven't talked to you forever. I will have to catch up ans see how Kai is doing. Wysdom is doing well. LOL:)